Harness your brain’s neuroplasticity and train your way to a brighter life

Lumosity turns neuroscience breakthroughs into fun, effective games. Stimulate your brain today.

Deeply personalized training

Your brain’s abilities are unique. That’s why your Personalized Training Program adapts to fit your brain and your life goals.

Scientifically designed games

Research shows that your brain creates new neural circuitry when challenged—our scientists have turned those challenges into cognitive games that improve core cognitive functions.

97% of users improve

Just 10 hours of Lumosity training can create drastic improvements. Track your own amazing progress with our sophisticated tools.

Built on proven neuroscience research

Lumosity is based on the science ofneuroplasticity—your brain’s ability to strengthen and grow. Multiple research papers have been published on Lumosity’s effectiveness—and with its ongoing research collaborations, Lumosity continues to improve its ability to change your brain.

Trusted by over 35 million users

Playing Lumosity has improved my concentration and mental activity, helping me to be a better programmer.

Jason P.

Lumosity helps me to feel mentally agile. My mental math has gotten better and I’m more productive at work.

Melissa W.

Lumosity has made me aware of the areas I need to improve on. When I see progress, I feel energized and positive.

Cory V.


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