An important aspect of managing innovation is the ability to assess, review, and chal-lenge a number of relevant parameters and viewpoints associated with the competi-tiveness of the product or service. The ability to apply multiple viewpoints can be referred to as one of the most important Innovation Management functionality parameters, and the result can be measured as an essential part of the innovation capability of the organization. In essence, this multiple viewpoint ability is a competence that requires methods to support communication and synthesis across traditional organiza-tional borders. Innovation requires explorative activities. When solutions are not known it is essential to be able to facilitate a process that asks the essential question: What can be? The answer to this question requires imagination abilities and creativity. However chil-dren’s play include some of the same elements, and in a transdisciplinary tradition it is relevant to ask whether the insight from children’s play can support innovative processes among adults. The simple answer is that insight from children’s play can support innovation pro-cesses. However, due to most adults’ view of play as a rather childish activity it is necessary to apply play in a thoroughly facilitated way. If facilitated efficiently, play can support communication in cross-disciplinary contexts, and, additionally, play can support the synthesis of different personal and organizational perceptions of complex problems

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