Some Green Country high school students put their creative and critical thinking skills to the test in the first-ever “Engineer Games.” Tulsa Community College hosted  competition with the mission of, “design it, build it, and operate it.” The contests are meant to showcase the talent of future engineers and encourage more students to choose a career in engineering. They had to solve a four-part problem using limited supplies. Organizers hope these types of events will allow more students to explore the engineering field.


“They get to see what they’re great at and feel accomplished and excited, and get to see what they’ll actually be doing in the world later on, after they’ve put in all the hard work with the math and with the physics,” said Maemi Dildy, from Edison High School.


“I hope that students who never thought about engineering become interested in it,” said coordinator Xan Black. “Because a lot of times kids are intimidated, thinking you have to be a super math genius. But really, engineering is problem solving.”

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