Gamification, just two years ago a strange word, has become more than popular among managers and communication specialists. Meaning the use of Serious Games in management situations like marketing, HR and decision-making among others, it offers solutions not provided until now by educational and professional approaches.

So are the theories exposed by Javier Molina and Nacho Barrau, CEO and Strategy-Director of GamyGame, a Start-up that has just raised 350.000 euros and is aiming to go for another 600.000. Last October they offered a conference at ESADE explaining their project.

As Molina states, GamyGame offers gamification as a solution for a common problem of companies, marketing and society: Communication to call for action. Through games, employees will be able to increase motivation and so, productivity, align objectives and generate more engagement from the clients.

These are few of the benefits Serious Games may offer to management, regardless of the personal communication advantages they offer. As Plato stated, “you can learn more about a person in an hour of playing than in a year of talking”.


ESADE, as a partner of the GALA NoE, is developing and conducting research on the application of Serious Games in the management and the training areas.

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