developer: Fantasy Geopolitics

genre: strategy

educational purpose: engage students in studying how world leaders and countries interact in diverse areas such as politics, geography, humanities, economics and foreign policy.

target audience: everyone

H&H taxonomy class: Personal Skills (strategic thinking) Interpersonal Skills (teamwork, communication) Social Awareness (all)

web page:

release date: 2009

platform: browser & mobile

The game motivates teachers and students to learn about a diversity of topics, but it is more focused on geopolitics. This is achieved by gamifying the news about the current topic of the game (e.g. Arab Spring). Students should form teams and each team has to draft countries for their team according to which countries they think will be most mentioned in the news. Then the game automatically attributes points to the teams when news about the selected countries appear on a daily basis. Since there can be trades between the countries assigned to each team students are encouraged and engaged in global information sources to be more knowledgeable about the discussed topics and make better decisions.

fantasy geopolitics screenshot

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