developer: Generation Europe

genre: simulation

educational purpose: provide support for school education of social sciences and help players to learn about the issues (political, economic and social) that arise from a united Europe.

target audience: High School Students

H&H taxonomy class: Personal Skills (strategic thinking, make decisions, planning and organization, adaptation to changes, initiative / proactiveness, problem solving) Interpersonal Skills (team work, conflict management, multicultural sensitivity) Social Awareness (social responsibility, health, environment, education, cultural)

web page:

release date: 2008

platform: browser (flash)

In this game the player learns many facts about Europe’s policy. Beyond that the player must also develop diverse skills in order to have a good performance in its role within the game. The player embodies the role of an EU member state and must manage his/her country’s domestic policy ranging from subsidies, tax levels and environment to same sex marriage legalization and privacy protection. Additionally the player also has to perform a diplomatic role in which he/she can propose policy changes at the European level. Throughout the game several temporary crisis situation are presented to the player to challenge its ability to resolve them at both the domestic and European level.

Europe 2045 screenshot

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