developer: Cuteacute Media OG

genre: awareness game

educational purpose: being exposed to the field of unethical online behaviour,  the players learn about personal data security; besised learning about the ethics linked to privacy, the users also learn about the personal data threats in the social online environment;

target audience: everyone

H&H taxonomy class: Social Awareness (Data privacy, Ethics), Personal skills (Strategic thinking)

web page:

release date: 2013

platform: Online (Internet browser), based on HTML5/SVG

When playing Data Dealers, the users step into the shoes of characters who behave unethically. They become “data dealers”, collecting personal data over the Internet through a variety of sources (both legal and illegal). The players run a wide range of online ventures in order to build data empires which later become threatened by hackers, mass media, citizens or privacy activists. In the realm of rising online social interaction, the game aims to make users aware of the privacy related threats, make them more careful with their personal data and also influence them to behave ethically regarding personal privacy.


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