developer: Caspian Learning

genre: role playing

educational purpose: teach about money management and credit.

target audience: 10-11 years old

H&H taxonomy class: Personal Skills (make decisions, planning and organization) Social Awareness (Economic Behaviors)

web page:

release date: 2008

platform: Windows (desktop)

In Creditability players can play four different virtual and situational environments: university, shopping, TV studios and village. Within any of these environments the player will have to complete a set of tasks face diverse challenges related to money, credit and debt. Throughout the game and based on the supporting information players will learn what is credit, debt, insolvency and how to perform budgeting, credit related decisions, analyze credit reports. Beyond these the player is also made aware of how to identify fraudulent situations and avoid being a victim or even when to ask for help.

Creditability screenshot

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