There is an inexhaustible treasure of historical images on the internet – once tagged, uploaded and forgotten.

The Cologne based Game Studio the Good Evil is about to change that. The Co-founders Marcus und Linda mixed-up several thousand of images from the Federal Archives and combined them with associated Wikipedia-articels. Their game CC PLAY is an HTML5 game that is free to play in the browser:

Large parts of the german history can be experienced in a playful way. Historical and not so historical situations ranging from the Hitler Putsch 1923 to a Birch Sap Crop in Colditz 1985.

CC PLAY is an historical jigsaw puzzle optimised for mobile touch devices and has won the geman WissensWert Award. All images and texts used are under a creative common licence due to a collaboration of the Federal Archives and Wikimedia. Right now the game is only available in german language but the Good Evil is working on an english version.

The Good Evil GmbH

Images can be found here:

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