We are developing an assessment model to assess how deeply serious games are integrated in to organisations. This tries to capture the extent of use of serious games, the intensity, the type of use, durability, application area, the level of (evaluation) evidence and impact on the organisation.

As an example of the assessment we identified different levels of awareness and promotion of SGs that an individual involved in the adoption process may have. You are an evangelist if you promote the use of SGs throughtout your orgnaisation and externally to the wider public. If you promote SG internally and allocate resources to them then you are a leader. You are a sponsor if you only promote the use of SG internally. And if you promote SGs in only one unit or department of a company you are a champion. The bottom two levels are interested party and no awarenesss.

This is just one of the categories which we have included in the SG Assessment Model to determine how deeply an organisation is using SGs.

We are colecting cases of SG use and adoption in organisations and would welcome contributions: johann (dot) riedel (at) nottingham.ac.uk.

This will help us to refine the Assessment Model and to validate it through the collection of further data.

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