developer: SELEAG Project (Lifelong Learning Programme)

genre: point and click graphical adventure

educational purpose: History

target audience: anyone, but particularly 11-15 years-old.

H&H taxonomy class: history – historical reconstruction

web page:

release date: 2010

platform: browser


TIMEMESH is an online game about Europe. It is a collaborative and social graphical adventure game about the main historic events of our past. Europe as we know it today results from a sequence of historic events. If, in a certain moment of history, an event would have had a different result then the World would be different. Imagine that Julio Caesar was not murdered and ruled the Roman Empire for a longer period, ensuring its stability! Imagine that Genghis Khan would have not stopped his conquer in the border of Europe! Imagine that the Muslims were able to repell the Chistian attacks in the Iberian Peninsula. What would the World be like now?

In TimeMesh something went wrong. That is, an historic event had a different outcome. Your task is to go back in the past and correct that event so that our World is back on the “normal” track. You guide a boy/girl through a set of scenes were you must overcome challenges. You have to talk with people, open doors, pick up objects, give objects, etc. you will also have to solve challenging mini-games.

The game can be played both as a single or as a team. In the team mode, during each game you have to exchange information with the other teams. The only way to finish the game is to use clues that are available only to the other teams. Each game will have an exclusive forum so that teams can speak.


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