“Application of modern learning technologies in manufacturing and production systems” is the special session which is orgnized by SIG3.2 in the coming APMS conference in Rhodes island at 26 September 2012. 11 papers will be presented in two different sessions in the morning and afternoon that 5 of them are exactly about application of serious games in manufacturing and engineering. The overview and details of session is listed in below.


AML-1: Application of Modern Learning Technologies in Manufacturing and Production Systems – 1

Time: Wednesday, 26/Sep/2012: 11:10am – 1:10pm
Session Chair: Borzoo Pourabdollahian
Session Chair: Philippe Pernelle


The Use of Serious games in the education of Engineers

Jannicke Madeleine Baalsrud Hauge1, Borzoo Pourabdollahian2, Johann c.k.h. Riedel3

1University of Bremen, Bremen, Germany; 2Politecnico di Milano, Milan, Italy; 3Nottingham University Business School, Nottingham, UK


Using Behavioural Indicators to Assess Competences in a Sustainable Manufacturing Learning Scenario

Heiko Duin1, Gregor Cerinsek2, Manuel Oliveira3, Michael Bedek4, Slavko Dolinsek21BIBA – Bremer Institut für Produktion und Logistik GmbH, Germany; 2IRI UL; 3SINTEF; 4Graz University of Technolog


Applying serious games in lean manufacturing training

Mourad Messaadia1, Ahmed Bufardi2, Julien Le-Duigou1, Hadrien Szigeti3, Benoît Eynard1, Dimitris Kiritsis2

1UTC, France; 2EPFL, Switzerland; 3Dassault Système, france


Flow and Physical Objects in Experiential Learning for Industrial Engineering Education

David Jentsch, Riedel Ralph, Egon Müller

Chemnitz University of Technology, Germany


Learning PLM system with a Serious Game

philippe pernelle1, thibault carron2, jean-charles marty3, stephane talbot4

1laboratory DISP – University of Lyon 1, France; 2Laboratory LIP6 – Paris, France; 3Laboratory LIRS – Lyon, France; 4University of Savoie, Franc


Model of skills development at the operational level applied to the steel industry

Ulysses Martins Ulysses Moreira Filho1, Pedro Luiz Oliveira Costa Neto2

1Universidade Paulista, Brazil; 2Universidade Paulista, Brazi


AML-2: Application of Modern Learning Technologies in Manufacturing and Production Systems – 2

Time: Wednesday, 26/Sep/2012: 2:20pm – 4:00pm
Session Chair: Julien Le Duigou


Beware of the robot: a highly interactive and immersive Virtual Reality training application in robotic manufacturing systems

Elias Matsas1, Dimitrios Batras2, George-Christopher Vosniakos1



Lean Product Development: Serious Game Design and Evaluation of the Learning Outcomes

Endris Kerga1, Marco Tasich1, Sergio Terzi2, Monica Rossi1

1POLIMI, Italy; 2Università degli Studi di Bergamo, Italy


Educational framework of Product Lifecycle Management issues for Master and PhD study programmes

Milan EDL

University of West Bohemia, Czech Republic


Context Aware E-Support in E-Maintenance

Nikos Papathanasiou1,2, Christos Emmanouilidis2, Petros Pistofidis1,2, Dimitris Karampatzakis2

1Democritus University of Thrace, Greece; 2ATHENA Research & Innovation Centre, Greece


Integrating competence management into a coupled project-system design management

Arz Wehbe1, Christophe Merlo1,2, Veronique Pilniere2,3

1IMS – Bordeaux University, France; 2ESTIA, France; 3CREG-UPPA, France

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