developer: Aarhus University

genre: point and click adventure

educational purpose: historical reconstruction of the Danish city of Aarhus in 1458

target audience: children 9-13 years old

H&H taxonomy class: historical reconstruction

web page:

release date: 2011

platform: browser

The aim of Signets of Power is to communicate historical and archaeological research in a fun, interactive and accessible way. The game is fiction, but the fiction in the game is solidly founded upon historical and archaeological knowledge about the Middle Ages.

The specific town of Aarhus is depicted in the specific year of 1458 based on the knowledge available. The art of the game is caricatured, but the outline of the town, its squares, streets, buildings and interior all were as  depicted in the game. Many of the characters in the game really did live in Aarhus in 1458, and the game re-creates the power struggle between the church, the nobility, the citizens of Aarhus and the Crown. Finishing the game gives access to additional resources, including film spots about contemporary Aarhus, the making of the game, historical sources linked to the game plot and a quiz to self-assess one’s knowledge of the Middle Ages.

Thanks to Michela Ott (CNR-ITD) for suggesting this interesting game!!!!


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