developer: CNR – ITD – Palermo

genre: treasure hunt, puzzle

educational purpose: culture, landscape and architecture of the Basilicata region

target audience: children 9-13 years old

H&H taxonomy class: Heritage Awareness – architectural/ natural heritage

web page:  (in intalian)

release date: 2011 (second release)

platform: iPhone


O’Munaciedd is an educational game which uses and exploits the historical, artistic and scenic heritage of the Basilicata region.
Children take part in a treasure hunt to learn about the culture of Basilicata and develop a didactic method by playing the game and observing the artistic heritage and the landscape of Matera.

Students use handsets as a travel guide and companion. By visualizing the treasure map they can find their way through the streets of the city and identify the clues more quickly. When they are approaching a historical site where a clue is hidden, O’Munaciedd’s riddles will automatically appear on the handset screen in the form of quiz questions, mathematical, linguistic and ludic puzzles.

The application is an integral part of the Matera Città Narrata project, promoted by the Agenzia di Promozione Territoriale (Agency for the Promotion of the Region) and the Dipartimento Attivita’ Produttive della Regione Basilicata (Department for Industrial Activity of the Region of Basilicata).

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