In this article Business simulations are introduced by a concrete example of decision making dilemma in an organisation collaborative environment as modelled in EagleRacing, a serious game developed at INSEAD. Prof. Albert Angehrn (INSEAD) highlights the growing take up of simulations addressing “soft skills”, such as Collaboration and Change Management (other topics could be, for instance, Crisis Management and Leadership), as EagleRacing does, whilst previously most of the focus was on quantitative skills and also outlines the emerging trend of massively scaling up the number of players even in a business and management environment, thanks to the progress of new Internet technologies (and nowadays of new social media). Dr Annette Halpin (ABSEL) remarks the increasing added value of business simulations in MBA education and believes in incorporating new immersive interfaces and the adoption of interaction modes that belong to Virtual Worlds.The article is available online at

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