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  • GALA conference 2015 - proceedings published
    27 June 2016 GALA conference 2015 - proceedings published

      The Serious Games Society is glad to announce that the proceedings of GALA conf 2015 have been published as part of the Springer LNCS series and are available online now. Games and Learning All

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  • SGS session at GO-WELL conference, Budapest
    08 June 2016 SGS session at GO-WELL conference, Budapest

    On June 14-15, the EAI International Conference on Games fOr WELL-being (GO-WELL) will take place in Budapest. The Serious Games Society organized a session (technical session 2b), on different aspe

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  • Multidisciplinary Game Research Summer School
    16 May 2016 Multidisciplinary Game Research Summer School

        This summer school treats the study of games as a playful phenomenon, and teaches theories for the analysis of rules and narratives. Furthermore, the course provides an overview of a number of

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Catalogue of web services for SGs

The catalogue consists in a unified, annotated repository of well-documented and ready-to-use services for Serious Games (SGs). It provides links, descriptions and interfaces of web services (SOAP or RESTful) usable to develop Serious Games following the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) paradigm. Here is link to a beta release of the SG Catalogue.

GALA conference

An international conference dedicated to the study and application of serious games. The conference aims at bringing together researchers, developers, practitioners and stakeholders. The goal is to share the state of the art of research and market, analysing the most significant trends and discussing visions on the future of serious games.The conference also includes an exhibition, whe

Learning on and with SGs

Here you can find a number of useful resources on learning on and with serious games.

"Serious Games for Education and Training", a reference paper on the Int.l Journal of Serious Games

Pedagogy, contents and game design. A tutorial on SG design.

Gamification in higher education. The experience of a ort course on promotion of entrepreneurshipn an Electronic Engineering cur

Roadmap for R&D on serious games

The GaLA Roadmap intends to provide strategic guidance for future research and development activities in the area of Serious Games and Games Based Learning.

The GaLA roadmap addresses the role that SG research and deployment will have to play in order to meet long term challenges, taking user, industry and academic needs into account. In particular, the roadmap is intended to complement and int

Serious Games Academy

The Academy is meant for those of you looking for the latest papers, innovative research projects, inspiring videos, upcoming conferences and events, and interesting courses related to serious gaming. Probably of interest to all you students and researchers of serious games, but surely of interest to professionals and teachers as well! Go now!

Serious Games Marketplace

The Marketplace is meant for those of you looking for job opportunities, a serious games expo, quick-and-easy fact sheets about the business of serious games, and to network with your fellow serious gaming enthusiasts. Probably interesting to serious gaming professionals and teachers, but surely of interest to students and researchers of serious gaming as well!

Go now!

The International Journal of Serious Games (IJSG)


The SGublishes papers of significant and lasting value in all areas related to design, development, deployment and assessment of digital Serious Games. The journal encourages submission of manuscripts that enhance the theoretical foundations of game-based learning and SG design, show innovative technological solutions aimed to improve teaching and learning, provide user studi

Tools and methods for SG design

We developed a number of tools and methods for SG desing that are useful for designing your Serious Game.

Gleaner is a framework for working with learning analytics in SGs. A reference implementation is available in eAdventure. You can find it here.

The owledge Management System for SG studiess an analysis-support tool, as it allows describing dimensions and components usef


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